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People choose Humanist ceremonies for many reasons; you don’t have to be a Humanist to work with me. Creating inclusive ceremonies with and for like-minded people is one of my favourite parts of my work - closely followed by conducting your ceremony on your special day!

A Humanist ceremony is a non-religious ceremony, which is inclusive, equal and open to everyone. I can include space in your Humanist ceremony for personal reflection by those who wish to reflect upon their own faith within the ceremony.

While I am trained to deliver namings and wedding ceremonies, I can help you to create any ceremonies that are meaningful to you, that celebrate your life and your family – what matters to you. And because your ceremony will be like no other, it can be as intimate or as elaborate as you wish.

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Humanism is a belief that happiness that comes from the common good of people, in a shared set of values, in being open-minded, in love, kindness and compassion towards other people and to all living things. 

As a Humanist, I believe that we live one life and that it should be lived fully, while making a difference to others as much as we can. We are the author of our precious human life.

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My wonderful Pops identified as a Humanist but as a self-involved teenager whose interests were my latest theatre production, and in being a girl guide, at that time, I sadly wasn’t interested in what “being a Humanist” really meant.

I have always lived a life in which I strive to be respectful and kind to others: my Mum’s mantra when I was growing up was to always, “treat others as you wish to be treated”.

In my career as a learning and development professional and a life coach, leaving people in a better place than when you found them, is something that truly matters to me. I believe that we are each responsible for the energy that we bring to daily life.

My intention is to always bring the joy, to care, make a difference to others and to have a love of life. I didn’t realise that this was the viewpoint of a Humanist.

I was delighted to attend a non-religious wedding in Germany some years ago; a brilliantly crafted, personal ceremony. I hadn’t realised that such ceremonies could be created in that way! The bride was German, living in Thailand; the groom was English and living in Cambodia. The bilingual Humanist celebrant had worked closely with the couple to create a meaningful ceremony that truly captured who the couple were as individuals and what mattered to them in their life together. The ceremony was so personal and informal, with many family members and friends reading, singing and playing instruments and included other surprises which further enhanced the ceremony. It was perfect!

With further reading, I understood how my own values and views on life matches the very essence of Humanism.

After being a guest at that unique ceremony, I just knew I wanted to provide couples and families with bespoke, moving, non-religious ceremonies – celebrations of what makes you, you! And from my experiences to date, I have loved doing just that for everyone I have had the pleasure of working with.

Why choose a Humanist Ceremony?: About
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“More and more people are discovering humanism or, perhaps a better way of putting it, discovering that humanism describes how they already think. Sometimes that discovery or realisation comes along at a time when people might want to mark an event – a birth, a marriage, a death – and find that the religious options just don’t represent what they really believe. For a lot of people, humanism really does encapsulate what they already think about the world, and how to live a good life.”

Alice Roberts, Humanists UK President

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