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What a pleasure it would be as your Humanist celebrant, to learn about you and be entrusted with your love story, in order to create an warm, individual ceremony that truly reflects you, and your hopes and desires.

You may still want a sense of tradition and/or an informal, modern approach to your wedding ceremony; you may come from families of different faiths and choose an inclusive, non-religious ceremony; you may want a sense of fun; you may want your own personalities to shine through, alongside your unique individuality as a couple, and have this depicted in your ceremony. Collaborating with you ensures that your day is as you wish - with the added bonus of bringing me so much joy!

Spending time getting to know you and learning what makes you, you, allows me to share ideas of what else might be included in your memorable ceremony. I can suggest symbolic gestures that I think will suit you, and readings and other creative ideas that will make your day unique. And of course you may have your own ideas (one recently booked couple wants to include tequila shots in their festival-style ceremony next year!)

Like all my ceremonies, you have full editorial rights over your wedding ceremony script that I skilfully craft for you. You are invited to write your own vows which can be kept private until your wedding day. Although often couples then ask me individually to help them to write their perfect vows, which can be heartfelt, and often include very practical promises to each other!

I can also involve your family members and friends; those who you can reliably suggest will provide additional special stories and some humour that may feature in your ceremony.

A Humanist wedding ceremony is about you having the choice to do exactly what you want. It is time where your commitment to each other, is expressed in your own style, in front of those you love. Wherever you decide to hold your wedding ceremony - be that in the sand dunes, or in a smart hotel - I will take great care in crafting and delivering your memorable day for you.

On the day of your ceremony, I will be fully dedicated to you, as your wedding will be my only booking: I am there for you alone.

I will be so proud to become the architect and archiver of your love story!

Please do get in touch for a non-obligatory chat about what you’d love for your wedding ceremony,

and I will do everything I can to make it all you wish for, and more.

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