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When you welcome a new person into your family, it is an occasion which should be tailored specifically to them, and one that should be joyful and memorable. That's exactly what happens at a Humanist naming ceremony! Imagine them growing up and being told of those who came together to celebrate their place in this world.

Unlike a traditional christening, your individual naming ceremony can be as unique as your child – or as your children!

As your Humanist Celebrant, I will create and deliver your naming ceremony exactly as you wish to celebrate the arrival of your baby, for older children, adopted children or for children becoming blended and united into one family.

I also write and conduct ceremonies for trans or non-binary people, and for those who have legally changed their name and want to celebrate being known by a new name.

The elements that are frequently incorporated in a naming ceremony, includes information about the child being named (their arrival, personality, interests), the importance of parenting and the wider family, the appointment of supporting adults to the children (often known as guideparents or sparents) as well as promises, readings and music. You can include a symbolic gesture in the ceremony which further makes it extremely personal. Family and friends can get involved in your ceremony and I can happily provide suggestions for readings, poems and promises.

Many people choose to hold their naming ceremonies in their home or garden, in a local community hall where their child attends a baby or toddler group, a beach, a favourite park, zoo, a café, or anywhere you love as a family. With a Humanist ceremony, you have the freedom to choose where you would like to hold your celebration.

Whatever your circumstances, I would be delighted to discuss your naming ceremony with you and to share ideas about how I can create a ceremony which is memorable and reflects those being named.

Please do get in touch and we can have a chat about what you’d love to do!

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